Progress Being Made on Nissequogue River Tributaries

Since the end of June, a long-awaited project has been underway to remove the remnants of a dam at Harrison Pond Park and to make improvements to the park for its users while restoring flow to the Nissequogue River. This action follows two decades of disagreement over how to proceed but more recently found general agreement amongst the Town of Smithtown, environmentalists, citizens and civic organizations from neighboring localities.

With the news that the recent flooding throughout Smithtown might be becoming more manageable, efforts are already being made to make sure that the town is better prepared for any excess stormwater runoff. Torrential rains this previous spring were to blame, with the water table reaching a 23-year high according to the US Geological Survey1 and with local groundwater levels on average 2.5 feet higher than last April's levels5. Seeing the need to improve the watershed's capacity, the town will be spending $500,000 to desilt 2,800 square feet of streambed south of Route 347 down to Bow Drive1.

Planning Long Island's Downtowns For The Future

With Long Island's population projected to grow by 461,000 between 2005 and 20351, we are now faced with the very serious question of where people are going to live in the future. This is especially compounded in areas where there is limited developable space, such as on Long Island where only 9% of the total land remains both undeveloped and available for development1.

Site Update

Thanks for visiting the website of the Nissequogue Stewardship Action Plan! Since the release of the report, we have been working to raise resources for the plan's implementation and have recently formed an Implementation Committee to put the Action Plan to work. To ensure that you are informed of our progress we are putting a renewed emphasis on our online presence and hope that you will take a part in it.

Over the next few weeks, we will make the site easier to navigate, more visually attractive, and make it a source of environmental and planning related information for the Nissequogue watershed and Long Island in general. We plan to do the latter by beginning to give semi-regular blog style stories of recent news related to our efforts on Long Island. By tying in stories that affect residents on Long Island to our action plan, we hope to create a sense of transparency and participation for the Long Island community.

While there is a list of changes we are planning on making, any ideas or comments from anybody will be greatly appreciated. If you have thoughts, please do not hesitate to contact Rob Freudenberg at

Thank you all very much for your continued support for our efforts and website. Come back soon to see the website as it (finally) gets its much needed updates!

Nissequogue Stewardship Action Plan - Released!

Today, Regional Plan Association and the Nissequogue Stewardship Steering Committee released its groundbreaking plan to protect the environment of the 40-square-mile Nissequogue River watershed. The in-depth plan, developed over three years with a coalition of government, civic, business and environmental organizations, puts forward over one hundred actions to ensure the river's habitat, water quality, and open space are protected.

View the Press Release here.

The report can be downloaded here.

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Watch the press conference courtesy of our friends at Local Views